Are you overwhelmed by clutter and struggling to find peace in your living space? We understand the frustration and stress that comes with a disorganized environment. At Amazing Spaces, we specialize in professional organizing services that aim to alleviate your pain points. Our dedicated team is here to listen, empathize, and provide tailored solutions to transform your space into a harmonious haven. Let us help you reclaim your life and restore order to your home or office. Say goodbye to chaos and embrace the tranquility you deserve.

Our professional organizing services begin with an assessment of your space where we strategically plan your space, establish a timeline and create solutions that work with your lifestyle, schedule, and budget. You will be amazed at the transformation from chaos to an orderly and clutter-free space in just a few hours.

Home Organizing in Lafayette, LA

Got clutter? Amazing Spaces can declutter and transform your home into a space you’ll love. Most projects are completed within a day!

Packing in Lafayette, LA

Overwhelmed thinking about your upcoming move? Amazing Spaces can take care of every detail to make your next move stress-free.

Business Organizing

Business Organizing

Loosing valuable time due to disorganization in your office space or storage space? Our team can help you get organized for optimal efficiency.

Ready to refresh your space, declutter, or relocate to your next home? Connect with us today to schedule a free assessment.


Our straightforward and organized design process lets you feel at ease throughout the entire project and allows you to focus on what you do best—because we’re focused on what we do best. Each design project is unique to the client’s needs, therefore the design services may vary.

Design in a Day

Bored with the look of your room? We specialize in interior design using items you already have. We offer an alternative to high-priced design services.

Surprise Design

What’s the perfect gift for someone who has everything? A gift of a Surprise Design will transform any room into something “Amazing."

Paint Color Selection

Ready to update the color palette in your space? Amazing Spaces can help you select the perfect palette to refresh the interior and exterior of your home / office.


Professional Organizing Lafayette Louisiana
Professional Organizing Lafayette Louisiana
Professional Organizing Lafayette Louisiana

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